Give a Day 2017 took place from 24 June to 2 July. Through over 30 projects, around 500 people were fiercely generous across Carlisle for the benefit of others. It was an amazing week and we'd like to thank all who helped to make it happen. 

Why not start dreaming and scheming for Give a Day 2018, which takes place from 2 - 8 July


What is in your hands?


We love our city and we long to see it become the most generous city on earth.

Give a Day to the City here in Carlisle is all about whatever is in your hand, whatever you are passionate about, then give it away for the benefit of another. It could be on your own, or with a team from your school, workplace or neighbourhood. Whether you give an hour, a day, or a week, donate blood, give food, renovate a garden, host a party, build a playground, help a neighbour, give financially, everyone can do something! 


Check out the 2016 overview video below created by a talented local film maker, Jon Lowe...




Give A Day to the City is so thankful for it's support from: