This is where you can tell us your plans and ideas to help change and shape our city for the better!

So whether you're inspired to help an elderly neighbour on your street, to clean up your area of town or to see a bigger building project happen in our city - this is the place where you can check out some ideas and tell us about your project. 

Join the Movement

Once you tell us about the project you are planning, we will advertise this for you on our website and also encourage the city to join in too.  Give A Day to the City is not an organisation in its own right - we don't centrally organise projects or plan each project ourselves. 

Each project you see listed on this website is an idea or a passion that someone in our city has had and that they've developed into action!  

What will you do to Give A Day to the City?  

Submit a Create a Project form below and let us know.  You also have the opportunity to let us know if you have room for more volunteers in your project!