Our Values


We want to encourage our city to be fiercely generous

All of our projects are to generously help and serve those we're working alongside and not for other benefit or gain.  We want to help make our city an even better place to live, work and play.  

wildly compassionate

Give a Day is all about seeing a need, and through practical action, changing it for the better.  

It's too easy to talk about change and not just put it into action.  

We want to be change bringers and change enactors. 

bring hope 

We want to encourage our city to bring hope to those around us.   

Whether a project is to benefit one individual in their home or hundreds at a community centre, we have the potential to bring hope to hundreds of lives through a practical demonstration that we are not alone.


Give a Day to the City is all about delivering our projects well, even if that means doing less.  It's great to think big, but small projects, done well, can bring lasting change and huge impact.