We truly believe that our city Carlisle, is great!  Give A Day to the City is one of the ways we believe could make our city even greater.

Our story

Give A Day to the City is not a new concept at all, we see many similar concepts happening across the world.  Our story began during a meeting of church leaders with a city leader.  Andy Fearon, of Carlisle Vineyard Church had an idea that he shared with the group.  "What if everyone in our city took whatever they were good at, whatever they were passionate about, whatever skill they had, whatever was in their hand and gave it to our city for a day?" was the question he presented.

A few years later, in January 2015 Andy had the opportunity to present this idea again to those in charge of a city wide initiative called Carlisle Ambassadors.  By March he was presenting the concept to hundreds of business leaders and city leaders at one of the Carlisle Ambassadors meetings.  A good few in the room were inspired and our first pilot project happened in June 2015 when a local businessman, Paul Rheinbach, oversaw the renovation of a local football club's changing rooms.  

We’re simply asking our city - “What’s in your hands?” “What are you passionate about?” “How could you give that away?” and inviting our city to come gather around a week dedicated to giving a day to the city from 6-12 June 2016.
— Give A Day to the City

We went on to welcome more people with a passion and a project to get involved at our first Give A Day to the City event in October 2015.  This first full piloted version of Give A Day Carlisle included 12 different projects, some were very practical - like the building of an all access road, others were to inspire our city's future business leaders and still others to encourage the staff of our local NHS hospital.  You can see some of our 2015 pictures above.

We've developed this concept further, have learned a lot from our pilot projects and are nearing the launch date of Give A Day to the City 2016.  We're simply asking our city - "What's in your hands?"  "What are you passionate about?"                                                         "How could you give that away?" and inviting our city to submit their projects and plans to us.  

This website will be a space where our city can see the projects, join projects, or be inspired to host and plan their own project!

our values

  • We want to encourage our city to be fiercely generous.  All of our projects are to generously help and serve those we're working alongside and not for other benefit or gain, we want to help make our city an even better place to live, work and play.  
  • We want to encourage our city to be the change - Give A Day to the City is all about practical action.  It's too easy to talk about change and not just put it into action.  We want to be change bringers and change enactors. 
  • We want to encourage our city to bring hope to those around us.   Whether a project is to benefit one individual in their home or hundreds at a community centre, Give A Day to the City has the potential to bring hope to hundreds of lives through a practical demonstration that we are not alone.

Here's our 2016 overview video...